Let your imagination run wild! 

We are 'leaders by design'. We love customizing buildings. We love your ideas and enjoy making them happen. Every one of our designs are templates for you to envision your ideas of how you want yours laid out, what options & upgrades you'd like or if you'd like to just design something entirely different together from scratch (for our special projects crew).

If you are the kind of buyer who likes to research the details online
click here for very specific differences that make Weaver Barns the innovators in this industry.

or Click here for a plain-talk guide to what determines your price.

Daydreaming about that new structure on your property is fun but we know it can feel overwhelming for some folks to transition from dreaming to receiving your new structure. We can assure you that, here, it gets easier than you think.

How do I get started?

Usually, most folks visit us to get a catalog & price guide or research us online or
click here to request a catalog & price guide. Then they schedule an appointment for itemized price quotes and free consultation. 

We find that to move from daydreaming to enjoying your new structure most people feel a lot of relief after their 1st appointment. There's something that takes the mystery out of it all after we talk. Plus you have to start with almost too much info (since anything is possible) but there's something reassuring once you walk thru the models, discuss the options and narrow your project down to a few comparative quotes with us.     
With help from your sales rep, you get to choose the style of building, its size, door placement, conversions, options placement (Skylights, windows, etc.), upgrades or deletions, shingle color, etc. 

Weaver Barns are available with your choice of either our Deluxe plywood siding, our Premier tongue & groove pine siding or no-maintenance Vinyl (Prices vary). we discuss the different attributes of each to help you decide which is best for your wants and your budget. We also have other specialty siding upgrades too like Hardie Board, 1/2 log pine, cedar, etc. 

You can also supply your own materials if you'd like (specialty windows, shingles, etc) and we'll work up the price with any proper deductions, frame outs, installations, etc.

We walk you thru all these choices and show you the attributes of these sidings first-hand.

You can spend wisely and buy confident here!

Everyone else's "excellent" is our "average". We are seriously that different of a place to shop. It's not just our sales staff or our builders, either. We have an entire team of designers doing custom drawings, buyers finding the best materials for the best prices at the best time of year (to save you money), logistics to make sure delivery is easy for you, etc. Our builders are all dedicated full-time Weaver Barns specialists (no random subcontractors doing side jobs, no inexperienced or undertrained crews with instruction manuals, etc.) so you get the exact same consistency & quality that you see on our display models. Every time.

Excellent is all we know. We make customers happy.

Check out our most popular designs for larger projects like Weekend Getaways, Big Barns, Small Custom Homes, Houses, Lodges, Garages, etc.:

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#6 Timber Lodges

Also, our exclusive Weaver Barns headquarters website is unmatched for the most up to date & extensive info available about all of our buildings & options. We ask that you please visit the specialized site to enjoy the info & photos. The link will open in a seperate window so that you may return to us for all information regarding directions, purchases, scheduling or for any of our other fine products.

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