Featured Design: Gambrel Cabin
The Weaver Barns Gambrel Cabin is great as a weekend getaway, hunters lodge, small housing project, workshop, rustic garage or storage building for large items. This diverse building is perfect for when you want a high quality, stick-built structure. Double your floor space and add an upstairs loft. Whatever you decide to use it for you can rest assured that your Gambrel Cabin from Weaver Barns will fit your needs, lifestyle and landscape.

The standard features of the Gambrel Cabin are listed in the free Weaver Barns color catalog and the options, upgrades and add-ons add to it's character & usability.

It is available in any of our 3 siding choices; Deluxe Plywood, Premium Pine or No-Maintenance Vinyl. Prices vary by siding choice and are listed in the free price guide located inside each color catalog.
Contact us to request a catalog & price guide here if you don't yet have one.

The Gambrel Cabin is priced with different porch sizes so you can choose which size you want it to be (4', 6', 8' etc.). Add a second porch if you want one on both sides (or you can go without it too by having us delete it off the base price).

Base prices include our standard wooden floor, free local delivery of materials and construction from one of our dedicated Weaver Barns building crews on your level prepared land (gravel is common or post foundations). We can delete the floor off the price if you are preparing your land with a concrete pad. We can provide a perimeter post foundation or post platform foundation as add-ons if you prefer to have your building constructed on gravel or dirt. If you're doing a concrete pad it's usually best to buy it from a pad installer to get your best price on the overall project since we specialize in the building itself and they specialize in excavation & concrete pad materials. We provide you with specs & elevation drawings within about a week after you make your 10% down-payment. These are for your records, or to acquire your permits (if need be) and to help communicate with your site preparation people (landscapers, excavators, etc). This allows them to get your project started while you wait for the
lead time for our crews to arrive to install. The building is almost always constructed from start to finish on the same day our crews arrive. 

Common modifications are also listed in the free price guide. We can and will do anything you need though so if you want something that you don't see listed (specialty windows or doors, frame-outs for materials you may provide separately, etc.) please be sure to 
contact us to set a free consultation & price quote appointment as soon as possible so we can itemize the prices of whatever you have in mind as well give you a final overall price for your project (or multiple comparative prices if your undecided about size, siding choice, etc.)

Do anything you want to your cabins design. Add windows, extra doors, taller walls, etc. We will place your options, upgrades & add-ons wherever you want on your building. We give a birds eye view simple drawing on your price quote. Spec elevation drawings arrive by email or mail shortly after you place your 10% down-payment.

Standard Features include:

  • 8' Sidewalls
  • 2 x 6 Wall Framing, 16" on center
  • 2 x 6 Rafters, 16" on center
  • CDX Plywood Roof Sheathing
  • 25-Year Shingles
  • 15# Felt Paper
  • Continuous Ridge Vent and Soffit Ventilation System
  • Aluminum Drip Edge
  • 36" 9-lite Steel Entry Door
  • Lockset for Entry Door
  • 1 x 4 Cedar Trim (on Premier and Deluxe)
  • 1 x 6 Cedar Fascia Board (on Premier and Deluxe)

Building Heights:

  • 20' W - 16' 8"
  • 24' W - 18' 8"

Broad Average Price Range: $15,000 to $40,000 depending on size, siding choice, options, upgrades and add-ons

Broad Average Price Range; with Finished Interior: $25,000 to $65,000

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