Featured Design: Highland

The Highland is our most rustic & handsome building. Popular with campsites and hunter cabins (in small or mid-sizes). It emulates the look of our most popular Timber Lodge (see our Cabins, Garages, Etc. page). The porch is on the gable ends of the building (instead of the long wall on the Woodshed) and has a decorative "spiderweb" of rough sawn timbers. The high pitched roof adds to it's stately profile as well as allows more room up top inside if you decide to add lofts for storage or sleeping.
The Highland makes a great workshop, roadside business, pond house, hunter retreat, campsite house, etc.

The standard features of the Highland are listed in the free Weaver Barns color catalog and the wide selection of options, upgrades and add-ons serve enhance to it's character & usability. 

It is available in any of our 3 siding choices; Deluxe Plywood, Premium Pine or No-Maintenance Vinyl. Prices vary by siding choice and are listed in the free price guide located inside each color catalog.
Contact us to request a catalog & price guide here if you don't yet have one.

Standard Features include:

  • Double Door
  • 36" Single Door
  • 4' Porch with Timber Framing
  • 7' Sidewalls
  • 8/12 Roof Pitch
  • 2 x 8 Tongue and Groove Treated Flooring
  • Continue Ridge Vent and Soffit Ventilation System
  • All Doors are Double Framed and Assembled with Screws

Building sizes: Any size width starting at 8' wide up to 16' wide x any length.

Broad Average Price Range: $4315 to $18,000 - depending on size, siding choice, delivery method, options & upgrades and / or deletions, etc.

Contact us to schedule an appointment now. We'll help you figure it all out and itemize the price quotes.

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