Lead times (updated on Nov 21, 2017)

Lead times are the approximate wait period between placing your order and receiving delivery.

We try to estimate lead times erroring on the safe side (IE; we'd rather tell you 3 weeks and deliver in 2 weeks than vice versa because everyone happier if it comes quicker). we never surprise you before youre site is prepared. We always call you and coordinate delivery as the date gets closer (that way we can discuss the recent weather predictions with you and make sure that we're not inconveniencing any of your plans). We actually do most of the work behind the scenes at our manufacturing plant while you wait so by the time we get to your yard it should only take a few hours for a shed even of larger sizes (2 story building may take all day).

Lead times are our commitment to you that we can be ready by that time. But you dont have to feel rushed if youre sites not prepared by then. We always wait to hear a confirmation from you before we assign your trailer of materials to the dispatcher to match to the next available crew. You are the customer so you can rush us but we never rush you. This allows you to buy early if you want to catch a certain sales promotion or if you just want to check it off your to do list.

Weaver Barns, sheds, buildings, etc:

Lead times in early April are running fast for this time of year but the spring season traditionally gets very busy so take advantage quick before the schedule clogs!

These winter lead times are from when the site is ready…

*On the prebuilt orders we are approx. approx 1-2 weeks…

*On the assemble on site we are approx. approx. 2-3 weeks (job is done start to finish all in the same day)…

*On the garages/dutch barns we are at approx. 3-4 weeks (job is usually done start to finish all in the same day)…

* Special projects please call

Playsets: to be determined at point of order

To be determined at point of order
Our logistics & dispatch room at Weaver Barns. This is where the magic happens.

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