Display models can really be a great once-in-a-lifetime deal depending on your situation. Scroll down to view the models available. All orders are first come / first serve so if you see one you like please call immediately to check on availability. 10% down makes it yours! The balance is due on delivery.

Is a display model right for you? Consider these Pros & Cons:

"Pros" - Reasons to order a display model

1. The Model discount is unbeatable - We're not a "Discount Store" (With prices marked up extra so that we can throw "big sales", etc), instead we are a store that sells based upon good honest pricing, quality & service. Model discounts are as low as it ever gets. It's our clearance price.

2. Display Models are usually designed as "best case scenario" - Our models are visually used as our front line of advertising so you know we took great care to choose the right options and layouts that are trending & instantly appealing! Models are usually pretty "decked out" with options too since we are using our models to showcase inventory of examples for upgrades, add-ons, etc. You may not have planned on adding a cupola to the roof, for example, but if it costs you less than ordering a new building without one, well, that's a nice bonus!

3. Models sometimes available quicker - Models are already assembled (of course) and usually available when our next delivery truck is in the area (read the availability notes below to be certain) so you don't have to wait the lead time for a new order
. We just deliver it when you are ready. By the way, there's no hurry on our part so you don't have to take it fast. Wait as long as you'd like. But at least you know it's yours and ready to go without complication.

4. Models are usually only a year or two old - We build better than everyone else so we don't have to discard buildings like the cheap brands do. Ours age better. But, we are always on the search to show what's trending right now so you can rest assured that we don't often hold on to one for too long (except for our larger models like the 2 story cabin, etc). That means you're getting the discount of a used building although it's still actually pretty new.

Cons - Reasons you may want to just order new instead

1. All the options on a display model are already chosen for you - When you order new, you get to select exactly what you'd like to add to it (IE; windows, roof upgrades, shelves, etc) and where you'd like each option placed (location of the windows, shelves, etc). You buy everything you do want and nothing you don't want. A model, however, is already determined in every way. We are literally picking up the floor model and delivering it to you as it is. So if you're open minded to things like option colors and placement of options a model is probably ideal for you. If not, we'll help you design your layout from scratch. Either way, we just want to give you the best deal possible!

2. As mentioned above Models are usually "decked out" - This point is in the Pros list and the Cons list because it can be either. While it's great to know you have a building with lots of extras and add-ons, it's important to factor that into your search for the best price. For example if a $3500 list building has $1500 of options & upgrades and you save 20% you are still going to spend a little more than if you ordered brand new without adding any options on (if you initially planned on a simple, plain structure in the first place).

3. You must have access for delivery of a prebuilt building - If your yard is fenced in you may have to remove the fence to allow for delivery of the model, whereas you could have us build a new one in the yard without that hassle.

4. There is sometimes wear and tear on models - Models may have staple holes from signs, screws from home-shows materials, dull areas or blemishes. This is why they are discounted, of course. If you order new everything is fresh, untouched and perfect. Models may need a little care.

Models on clearance for sale

Call for Pricing

10x14 Manchester: Duratemp Siding: Options Added: 30 year shingle upgrade, 1 loft, and paint.

25% Off!

Was: $5,304
Now: $3,978
8x10 Gable (Chicken Coop)- Duratemp Siding: Options Added: 30 year shingle upgrade, 36" single door, 4-2'x3' Windows, Chicken coop package, and paint. 

10% Off
8x12 Estate- Duratemp Siding- Added Options: 30 year shingle upgrade, 2-2'x3' windows, 3-6 Lite windows (Square), 4-8'x1' shelves, paint, and 30"x30" corner shelf.

25% Off

Was: $6,593.00
Now: $4,945

10'12 Estate- Pine siding- Added Options: Metal roof upgrade. 2-2'x3' windows, 3 transom windows, 1 shutter, 2 flower boxes, 1-8'x2' shelf, and stain.
30% Off

Was: $8282
Now: $5,798
10x14 Newbury- Pine siding- Added Options: Metal roof upgrade, 4- 2'x3' windows, 3 transom windows, 1 loft, 1-8'x2' shelf, 1-8'x3' shelf, stain, 7/12 roof pitch, and galvanized metal under porch.

30% Off

Was: $9,368
Now: $6,557

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