Your kids deserve the best. The safest. And the most fun!

Backyard Creations Playsets are manufactured & handcrafted in Ohios Amish-Country. We're one of the last places that will happily do custom designs with a smile, offer install or stain service options and always offer a fair price.

We use kid-friendly pressure treated pine (like Metroparks and State parks) that lasts a lifetime (with a warranty to match) and our product is usually about 33% less than redwood and national brand sets. It pays to buy local....and to live in Ohio!

We take fun seriously at Amish Outdoor Showcase and we consider ourselves the most safety conscious advocates in the region (our daughters grew up playing on these things when we started our first store 11 years ago) so we are a great resource to help you design and choose.

Stop in and grab a free color catalog with full itemized price guide. We have many pre-determined packages or we can help you design your own. You can purchase either way (whichever is most comfortable for you).

Packages have predetermined different selections and combinations as we've seen chosen by the "experts" (all the children over the years). You can add or delete options to the packages or modify as you see fit. 

The "design your own section of the catalog though allows you to pick and choose each component one by one and then add them together to make your own creation. 

Stop on out to our sales lot. We have an entire playground area for you to let the "experts" play and test it out. Watch out for places with signs that say "Do not play on playsets" because thats just weird. We want you to experience the difference. Even the grownups can climb and swing on the sets. Dont worry. We build them tough!

Add factory stain & seal for 15% big or small.

Below are some of our most popular packages but there are literally dozens more in the free color catalog or we can help you design your own upon your visit to our sales office:

Darrins Delight includes: 4x5 tower (5' h deck), ladder, 10' wave slide, canopy, sandbox, 5' rock wall, ladder safety handle, 3 position swing set , 2 swings, 1 trapeze bar, steering wheel. 15W x 15 L   

Double Dizzy includes: 4x10 double tower (5' h deck & 7' h deck), 2 canopies, ladder, picnic table, sandbox, turbo tube slide, 10' wave slide, 4 position swing set, 2 swings, 1 trapeze bar, horse glider. 15 W x 22 L   
Double Climber includes: 4x10 double tower ( 5' h deck & 7' h deck), 2 canopies, ladder, picnic table, sandbox, 7' rock wall, 14' scoop slide, ladder safety handles, 3 position monkey bar, 2 swings, 1 trapeze bar. 19' W x 23' L
Tiny Tim includes: Ladder stand, slide, 3 position swing set, 2 swings, 1 horse glider
Super Hideaway includes: 5x4 supert ower (5' h deck) ladder, 10' slide, canopy, 5' rock wall, clubhouse bottom, telescope, 2 flags, 3 position deluxe swingset, 8' high super beam, 2 swings, 1 horse glider
Mtn. View includes: Mtn Climber Tower, canopy, ladder, rope wall, 10' wave slide, rock wall, knotted rope, extension beam double, 2 swings. 15 W x 11 L
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