The Weaver Barns Difference

Meet Our Sales, Design, Marketing & Customer Service Teams (shown above) 

What specifically makes Weaver Barns the industry leaders?

1. Truly Exceptional Customer Service - We are experts at guiding you through the process, informing you of all options & choices and advising you in 'real talk' about ways to get the best building while staying within budget because everyone wants the most for their money. We use lay-mans terms and give detailed verbal & written info. We never try to "up-sell you out of your price range and we always make sure to get you your best possible price using any current promotions or manufacturers discounts if available. 

2. You get to experience our buildings first-hand - The process is streamlined because a lot of the guesswork is already overcome when you come to Amish Outdoor Showcase. You're not just interpreting a material list or drawings like you would with a general contractor. You can actually see, touch and experience our materials shown in real structural scenarios as we walk thru various models together. Even if we don't have the exact size, style and layout of a building here on the display lot that you'll be purchasing, there is something reassuring about walking thru 20 models of various shapes and sizes with all of your choices & options on show, tangibly, rather than just on paper or in bins of lumber and materials.

3. We specialize so you can trust our guidance - We specialize in just being great at designing & constructing buildings so we have no horse in the race  to try to work in other services like electrical, plumbing, etc (unless by request) so we're not finding hidden places on the estimates for complicated additional markups. When we recommend another service provider to you, it's sincere. Our only goal is to help you complete your project for the best buying experience of your life. That is our goal. We just want to build your building.

4. Our Reputation Makes It Easy To Buy Confidently - Weaver Barns reputation is widely regarded. Research us online (99.22% customer satisfaction rating on the last study), check our book of comment cards here at the office, watch us on the DIY channel or talk to anyone you know who has purchased from us. This is nice because you don't have to wonder who you're buying from, what our capabilities are or if we stand by our product. You can rest assured of these things or ask us for whatever builds your confidence  so that you feel good that you are spending in the absolute right place. Removing the guesswork allows us to focus on just narrowing down choices with you, designing things the way you want them and walking you thru the entire process. We are there for you before the sale, during the sale and after the sale. 

5. The Best Designs - Simply put, our designs are the best. They look better, have more usability in mind and are more versatile.  

Want More Differences? Let's Talk Details

Our advanced logistics management assures that the entire process is streamlined and cost effective. We do everything innovatively different from the rest of the industry. We're a healthy company with 29 locations located in the heart of Amish Country where great quality is part of the local culture no matter what you make. We are designed to be a pleasant place to buy. Differences include:

1. Top quality construction materials for better price- We have our own lumber yard so we're not transporting materials back & forth all the time from job to job (keeps costs down for you). Plus we're not back-ordered on stuff. And we only stock high quality materials in our lumber yard (no shoddy materials of differing quality levels). 

2. Better crews & quality control - We love our dedicated construction crews. They are the foundation of this company. We keep our crews working year 'round. We aim daily to honor them and treat them better than competitors would. This is the Amish way, of course, but it's also tactical. It means our builders stick with us so we can be more consistent than the other companies. We don't have new crews of trainees every spring like is common in this industry (you lose your best people if you close down in the winter). Our crews stay better trained, happy and great to work with. Your building gets built better this way. Every time.

3. Advanced thinking - Our builders are also our freight drivers. This means your building starts getting constructed the same day the materials are delivered, plus you're not paying for freight and then again for mileage for a separate crew to arrive a few days later (a common method in the industry). Once we start a project we work on just that project until it's done so you don't get long drawn out scheduling scenarios or materials sitting in the rain for days. Most buildings are done the same day the crew arrives. Some very large projectstake 2 days. 3 is rare (big Timber Lodges).

4. Better scheduling - Our dispatcher coordinates the schedule with you. One person. Not a call center. That way you are always in the loop and can coordinate the best delivery date possible.

5. Better customer service - You know what our policy is on repairing any problems under warranty or helping a customer with something after the building is complete? We know a Weaver Barn when we see one and we just fix it. We don't ask you for your order number, who your sales rep was years ago or what date you bought it on. You are our customer. We have a relationship with you and we want you to brag of us to your friends. Therefore we just come out and make sure you're taken care of. It's that simple. We are the best at this. 

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