The 6 decisions about your structure that will affect your final price:

We guide you thru the process but here are some helpful hints of how to keep the price in your control. and determine your price range (click here to request a catalog and price guide ). 

Any honest & thorough company bases their retail price upon the material list (not square footage, popularity of styles, etc.) so the best metaphor that everyone can relate to is that the same things that affect the final price of a pizza are the same things that affect the final price of your building; how big is it? What's it made out of (what  ingredients)? How's it delivered? What all add-ons are put on it? What quality level is it?  

For example a small, plain frozen cheese pizza will always cost less than a large supreme with special cheesey crust...but will likely not be as satisfying (this conversations making me hungry).

So, in the same way, you can add or subtract or move anything you want on your building. You can deviate from the standard recipe. But every decision either takes the price up a little (IE; add a window) or down (IE; deleting the wooden floor). Think of the catalog & price guide as a giant detailed menu of our most popular items with itemized pricing laid out for you. We can special order anything else you'd like. We leave the costs in your control with our wide selection. Be sure to discuss the price affectors below:

Determiners of Price

1. Size –
Big ones cost more, small ones cost less : ) 

2. Siding type – Deluxe Plywood, Premium Pine or No-Maintenance Vinyl sidings are available. Vinyl costs most, Plywood the least, Pine in the middle. We use no OSB or particle board on your building.                                                               

3. Design – Honest pricing is determined by the material list, so designs with porches, extra height, overhangs, dormers, etc. will naturally cost more than simpler designs without. Each design has its own name & standard features             

4.  Delivery Method – Most orders are built on site (see pages 4, 5, 8 & 9 of price guide) but some designs in limited sizes can be ordered prebuilt on the back of a truck (see page 6 of price guide). This can save up to a couple hundred dollars if your yard has delivery access.

5. Options, Upgrades & Deletions – Adding windows, skylights, widened doors, garage doors, cupolas, shelves, metal roof upgrade, etc. are the things that give your building more personality and utility but each one has its own additional cost. Deleting your shingle, floor, doors, etc. will lessen the cost, of course. We itemize these selections out for you on the price quote/ order form by appointment.

6. Promotions or Sales - We are a Direct outlet (Factory-direct/ Amish Country-Direct), we aren't a discount store with additional retail markup so we don't do a lot of sales but now & then we have promotional discounts or limited reductions in the price of materials, etc. Your 10% down payment secures the price even if you're not yet ready for delivery for quite some time. So be sure to watch our for any extra good deals 
here   .

Please contact us for an appointment/ free consultation and we'll help guide you to your best price.

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